B2B Email Marketing Agency

Automated lead generation systems that secures new meetings with key decision-makers for you via B2B emails and linkedin outreach.

Your Prospects Are Across a Moat.

We Build You Bridges.

B2B Email Campaigns

We build your email infrastructure to automate outreach and drive consistent, high-quality interactions through personalised, impactful messages with potential clients and key decision makers.

LinkedIn Automation

Your customers all use LinkedIn. Our automated service helps you reach a targeted audience with personalised messages at scale.

Trigger Campaigns

Automatically reach out to prospects
as soon as they start looking for your solution. Our trigger campaigns monitor key actions and reach out precisely at the right time.

Our Cutting-Edge Services

An automated tech stack designed for your business

We use industry-leading tools to build an efficient outreach process tailored to your business needs. Our expertise in integrating and setting up these solutions ensures that your communication with prospects is seamless, personalised, and highly effective.

B2B Marketing AI Process

AI content creation for ultra personal messages

We leverage AI to tailor our messaging to each prospect at scale. This lets us automate our outreach to potential —without compromising message quality. Our B2B email marketing agency have mastered relevance and personalization.

More than just sales...

Automated messaging isn't just for sales. It can be used for lead generation, customer onboarding, event signups, and feedback collection. See how our solutions can improve various aspects of your business communication.


Here's the most most common questions we get asked

What is B2B email marketing automation?

Email marketing automation involves using software to automate email campaigns, allowing you to send personalised and timely emails to your audience without manual intervention. Our B2B email marketing agency only work with B2B brands.

How does LinkedIn message automation work?

LinkedIn message automation uses tools to send personalized messages to your LinkedIn connections automatically, enhancing your outreach and networking efforts.

Why use a B2B email marketing agency?

Using a B2B email marketing agency leverages their expertise with advanced tools and strategies, optimized through experience across diverse industries. They ensure targeted, effective campaigns that drive engagement and conversions.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn message automation?

LinkedIn message automation helps you expand your network, generate leads, and maintain consistent communication with minimal effort, increasing your efficiency and effectiveness.

How do trigger campaigns enhance email marketing automation?

Trigger campaigns send automated emails based on specific user actions or behaviors, ensuring timely and relevant communication that boosts engagement and conversions.

Is it possible to track the performance of automated emails?

Absolutely. Our email marketing automation tools provide detailed analytics on open rates, click-through rates, and overall campaign performance.

Can I integrate LinkedIn message automation with my CRM?

Yes, our LinkedIn message automation tools can be integrated with various CRM systems, allowing for seamless data synchronisation and more efficient lead management.

How often should I send automated LinkedIn messages?

The frequency of sending automated LinkedIn messages depends on your campaign goals and audience preferences. We can help you design an optimal schedule.

What types of emails can be automated?

You can automate various types of emails, including welcome emails, follow-ups, newsletters, promotional offers, and more, using our email marketing automation tools.

How can email marketing automation improve my ROI?

Email marketing automation streamlines your campaigns, ensures timely delivery, and personalises content, leading to higher engagement rates and better ROI.

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